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Timecard is a complete time tracking system. It includes an administration and reporting portal for administrators and project managers. It also includes a time entry front end for all users. Timecard is currently in use at SoftSource Consulting, so rest assured that this is a real business application.

Timecard is built using Silverlight 3, the PDC version of WCF RIA Services, and the Reactive Framework (Rx). This is a full end to end sample that shows the powerful combination of RIA and Rx, along with an combination of Martin Fowlers Presenter pattern (MVVM at its core) and classic MVC. The overview documentation can be found on the Documentation tab.


Timecard requires that the Silverlight SDK and Tools for Visual Studio 2008 are installed, along with the PDC build of WCF RIA Services. The sample database is located at "SoftSource Internal\Timecard\Database\Timecard\Timecard.bak". After the sample database has been restored, configure the web.config to point at the database. Build and run.

Logins do not require a password, but the user must be in the database:
Administrator: admin
Project Manager: pm
User: test

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